Health 4.0

Health 4.0

Health 4.0 Proposals to boost the innovation cycle in Medical Technology (MedTech) in Brazil

Aliança Brasileira da Indústria Inovadora em Saúde (ABIIS) [Brazilian Alliance for Innovative Health Industry] is a consortium that brings together associations of the medical device industry: AdvaMed – Advanced Medical Technology Association, ABRAIDI – the Associação Brasileira de Importadores e Distribuidores de Implantes [Brazilian Association of Importers and Distributors of Implants] and CBDL – the Câmara Brasileira de Diagnóstico Laboratorial [Brazilian Chamber of In-vitro Diagnostics].


Aims of this publication

To present proposals for developing public policies with a view to enhancing the rightful and de facto access of the population to healthcare by considering the cycle of the medical technology product or device (MedTech) to generate the outcomes listed below:

  • Ensuring compatibility of health product technologies with Brazil’s national and regional public health needs
  • Fostering a more innovation-friendly environment
  • Increasing the value-added of national production
  • Reducing wastage, product stock-handling and maintenance costs
  • Promoting sustainability of the health system overall